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This summer, Pack 242 attended Day Camp, various camps at Camp Mitigwa, an overnight for Scouts at Sec Taylor stadium, and the West Des Moines 4th of July Parade.   The Pack also sponsored a Rocket Day, Pool Party, and Bike Ride and Ice Cream Social.  These are some photos from some of those events.  If you have photos you'd like to add to the gallery, send them to the email address below!

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   6 Cubs attended the District Day Camp at Waterworks Park in July: (top, left to right) Will Eldredge,                                                One of the favorite activities at Day Camp is Archery - the boys get
  Andrew Wisner, Kellen Schneider; (bottom, left to right) Zack Pyle, Kirby Sayles, Hunter Staskevich.                                                instruction and practice with a real bow & arrow!






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